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CellNet V5.0

CellNet is an experiment to try to achieve a more efficient way to handle and organize large amount of files on the Windows file system.

How it works: Program creates a link or shortcut to every file stored within the program. The links are stored within cells. Let's say you added an image. The image would be linked automatically. A unique identity would then be assigned to the image and it would be stored in a special folder. By clicking the link, you can now view the image. Copying or moving the image requires only moving the link, the image will always remain in place. What are the benefits of this? It is much more efficient to use links instead of files when you have thousands of files/images to organize. 

The program allows you to organize terabytes of data/files/videos/images/documents/audio/URLs/shortcuts and more and move them instantly. The maximum number of cells is 100,000, and each cell can hold 100,000 links. There is a maximum 10,000,000,000 storage space available for any file on your computer, including program shortcuts and URLs. The program also includes a video player and an audio player.

Source code is available. The program can be modified in any way you like. The program has been tested for over two years and is fully functional. Fork back the changes so they can be added to the project. The source code was written with C++ on Qt Creator 4.14.0 based on Qt 5.15.2 (MSVC 2019, 64 bit). 


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